My City and My Village


City has a mixed condition. Population in city is very solid. Many people come from village to live in city. They think, if they live in city, they will get good job. Air in the city is very dirty, because of the many factories and motor vehicles increased.

Uniqual with villages, trees in the city are very few. so, when the dry season comes, the temperature in the city is very hot. And sometimes the temperature will reach 40˚celcius.when in the rainy season, flooding occurs in everywhere.

Beside lack of tress in the city, it happens because of a lack of water catchment areas, and destruction of the ozone layer in the earth.

City  has a function to centra goverment. Most people in city work as employee.




Village has a arable land and beautifull scenery. Right area to be a agricultura, holticultura, and tourist attractions. Condition in village is very calm and  Most people in village work as farmer.

Population in village less than population in city. That happen, because many people from village urbanization to the city. They go to city to find a good job.

Air and water in village is natural and fresh. Because Many kind of trees grow in there. Like : mango tree, temarind tree, lemon tree, guava tree, etc. And another polution in there. Like smoke factory.

Tradition in people village is very congealed. As gotong royong, work together to clean up the environment.



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