Cerita-Rakyat-Malin-KundangA long time ago. in the village there lived a son and his mother they live happy and happily, his name is Malin Kundang, he was the son of a good and dutiful to his parents. (di sebuah desa hiduplah seorang anak dan ibunya mereka hidup senang dan bahagia, namanya malin kundang, dia adalah anak yang baik dan berbakti kepada orang tua)

Malin  :Mother, I’m tired of living the life of this, mom!I want go to city for search work,  So we can live in bitter live

Mother:Of Course my son, may god bless you. I give the money to get you to go to city son

Malin  :thank you very much, mom!!

Mother:You are welcome

Tomorrow Malin Kundang went to city by a cycle. After that he arrived to city and he search to work.

Malin  : boss, can i work in here?

Boss    : Did you can work out what young people?

Malin  : I can be anything, boss.,!

After That,, Malin got a job as secretary to his daughter … and after the boss look-see it works very well and deputy director of the Malin used ​​his boss.

Boss    : I saw your performance is very good so I will rank you up to be representative of my director

Malin  : Tanks very much , boss,!!

Boss    : You are welcome




Five years later … Malin to get a very good job and deserve to be rich he is and he getting from his beautiful wife and her boss to get a nice big house.

Malin  :The last, I become rich man and I get a wife very beautiful

Tomorrow her mother malin went to city for meet her son with his brother and congratulated for his hard work

Malin  : who are you? did I ever meet you!

Mother: Sure, You are my only son and I’m your mother

Wife    ; my husband, is your mother?

malin ; No, I have never had a mother like you!Go away , my mother’s beautiful. you are not pretty, and you old

wife     ; pity this grandmother, my husband

My mother was very sad she pray to god

Mother           : dear god, if he is not my son forgive me have felt he is my son, you are my care of small children to adults, You are the justest king I cused you become a stone


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